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 Thank you SCS

We thank SCS-Net in the Syrian Computer Society represented by Mr. Feras Bakour and his assistant Madame Zena for their cooperation in sending Save Amrit letter for the network's customers in Syria for free.

This is an important step for helping in Saving Amrit and had a positive effect during the last few days.

Amrit Volunteers (25-6-2005)
The letter's text comes as follow:
A unique Phoenician city that has not been witnessed before on the coast of the Mediterranean. It is comprised of a stadium that surpasses time wise the stadium of Olympia in Greece. And spectacular tombs that remain till this date as evidence of its inhabitance, and a temple with a spring of life flowing from its depth.

Amrit ships cross the seas carrying its trade mark purple, Alphabet and History to the ancient world.

In it Alexander the great settled, and from there he moved to conquer the world.

Excavating the Phoenician creativity does not require but raising a thin layer of debris for its soil to reveal its full secrets that inspires oh, and captures the mind.

It is shocking to know that archaeologists have been absent, for a long time, from this magical city. It is shocking to know that one could sleep after seeing it while the blood of its inhabitance still running in its veins. What shocks the most is the ability of its predecessors could destroy it and bury it under a touristy projects concrete.

Amrit is our city!!! And this is our last chance to lift it from oblivion to existence. And to shine among its peers Ebla, Mari and Ugarit as a pearl in a necklace decorating Syrias chest.

Today a Syrian national team of archaeologists is working here, and despite their depleted numbers and tools they were able in a few weeks to uncover fractions of dust covering its beautiful face, the face that lies under an area measuring ten square kilometers. The archaeologists were able to locate Azars unique mausoleums. In which one would see a perfect resting place.

We all stand on a crossroads

A road leading to cultural tourism investment based on rehabilitating our archaeological sites to become a true tourist attraction to a country whose futures prosperity depends on it. For this to be done we should support the Archaeologists with volunteering and finance. As a result Amrit should be enrolled under the UN
ESCOs list of the world archaeological sites.

The second road is to allow the bulldozers to destroy this Phoenician city that happens to be one of a kind.
To allow the suspicious tourism projects to replace beauty and culture with miserable blocks of concrete. These extemporaneously projects could serve the interest of a few people for a short term while causing major and permanent damage to the economy and the future of the inhabitance.

Tourism is not hotels and restaurants, which could be found in any country, it is the cultural relics that distinguish our country from most of the world.

So which road do you choose? We are all the people of this county and we are all involve
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Translated by: Majd Kara