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Cultural Tourism and the beds number!!!

What is cultural Tourism? Is it the number of beds that Hotels may contain? Let us read together some important extracts of the article entitled  "The products of Taste   and Civilisation":

"The 20th century that characterized by the nations movements and the variety of the means of transport and telecommunications produced the cultural tourism which search into the other cultures"

The fact that attracts tourists to Syria is that Syria is considered the cradle of civilization' as we can find in Syria the first cities of Man, the first alphabet, and the inheritance of EBLA Kingdom as well as the Stony dead cities (ruins)."

"cultural tourism requires a study which classifies the sites, buildings and houses,  evaluates their functions thoroughly, specifies the streets  and defines their  boards in order to protect them . This study avoids, in general, of the risks and of the priceless losses, it applies by the adopted standards, the crossing between the natural landscape and the monumental aspect. For example, It is not authorized  to build a hotel on the land of the old port which is located in the center of Old Tartous, It is also not allowed to deform the strong Castle  "El-Hosn" by building a hotel inside as well as to build a hotel in the middle of the ruins of Palmyra. These standards authorize the tourist to visit the houses of "Nidam", "Kalouti" and "Adam" but do not allow him/her to reside at it. We still remember dismantling of the tourist building at Palmyra on which the UNESCO protested."

 "If we adopted the chart which classifies the places, sites and buildings and which based on scientific criteria, then we will  extremely enclose  the concept of cultural tourism, and we will succeed in preventing it from being the number of beds that hotels may contain."

The non respect towards archaeological and historical classification and the ignorance of the adopted standards are facilitating the access to tens of the archaeological sites and historical by investment companies of which we are unaware of the origins of their capital. Among these sites there is Amrit, the Phoenician city, as well as constructions and dwellings classified."

"We hope that the tourism projects exceeds the concern of the number of beds for defining well the content of cultural tourism which attracts tourists to Syria, and to respect the standards which preserve the archaeological sites from the aspects of consumption in order to engage with issuing Cultural Catalogue regarding the Syrian Historic Sites and to recommend the tourists of the cultural activities and project." 

"Syria has fascinating civilization, she is deep-rooted in tasting the poetry, arts and excursions . That supposes to start with the culture rather than its contrary . Today the culture is able to guide the tourism projects towards the criteria which exclude the incompetence and the aberration and protect the products of Taste and Civilisation."


Extracts of the article of Dr. Diana KHOST "The products of Taste and Civilisation".

Amrit Volunteers

 Translated by: Anne M Naddour
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