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Following is the letter translation

From: Ministry of culture                    Fax No: +963 11 33348446                          May.25 2005      12:23 PM   P1



Dr. Mahmoud AlSaaid

The Minister of Culture



We- Tartous habitants- represented by a number of young volunteers from unisex, different ages and social classes , kindly ask you:

 To support our project which aims at saving Amrit through asking help from organizations or private companies whether they are Syrian or foreigners to finance our primary plan for saving what can be saved in that site.

Our project aims at:

1-     removing mold and harmful grass that are surrounding the Olympic stadium, Amrit temple, and the port.

2-     Providing the volunteers team with the needed equipments  or paying their costs by the donors.

3-     Buying tents for the residence of the volunteer guards that will be spread along the specifies area of various dangers like robbery and violations of the registered and non registered sites.

 Your support to our request means your assurance in committing the policy of keeping the cultural and civilized heritage in Syria .

We kindly ask you to reply our request with your full support to these Arab and foreign organizations which you find them suitable like(UNESCO, European Union, Tartal for oil, JYCA, the Red Cross and Crescent,)


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From: Ministry of culture                     Fax No: +963 11 33348446                           May.25 2005      12:23 PM   P2



We shall contact some private Syrian companies for collecting some donations for financing this project.

 We need your support in asking the General Organization of Radio & TV to make a reportage about the city and the abuses that is suffering from. Beside asking the responsible sectors to act now for fact finding.

 Our campaign requires wide coverage of posters on roads addressing Syrians through putting an announcement for helping in saving Amrit as Sewar Tartous  for advertisement by Noujoud Husseins speech asking the Arab organization of advertisement for giving the required support like providing these posters 2 weeks for free or presenting a big discount for covering the needed expense of this project due to our limited possibilities.

We have to say Mr. Minister that our trust in you is so big to contribute together in keeping our cultural identity.

 Volunteers team in Tartous


Waed Mhanna



Translated by: Majd Kara